Garden Connect shares data about plants throughout the whole world. Our database contains extensive information on all sorts of plants. We strive for a database of 40,000 plants with:

  • At least 20 specifications per plant (position, watering, pruning period, care, repotting, diseases, toxicity, etc.)
  • 1 or more pictures with a high resolution
  • Unique Google-friendly descriptions

Improve your web store

We make unique and appealing tailor-made descriptions for every web store. Garden Connect focuses on online marketing and enhancing your visibility on Google. By adding unique plant data to your web store, your store will rank higher in Google. High findability on Google will attract more ánd new visitors to your web store, your website and eventually to your garden centre as well!

More than just online plant information

You can use our plant information for in-store marketing in your garden centre too. Link the information to your loyalty programme. By doing this, your customers will receive personal advice on the plants that they have bought in your garden centre. Do you want to know more about having a loyalty programme? Do you want to build customer loyalty? Why don’t you drop by for a cup of coffee and a good conversation in which we explain it all to you?

Tell us!

We would love to know everything about you, your garden centre and about the way you want to build customer loyalty. We offer help and look further than just forward. Together we make sure your garden centre keeps on growing. Call us at + 31-20-7008250 or send an email to